HATCH Honey Lemon Flavour


HATCH Herbal Flavour is another latest product from SAUJANIA. It is made exclusively from high quality and premium ingredients. That rich, complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct of aroma, followed by a hint of refreshing taste.



Flavour : Honey Lemon
Quantity : 8 pcs
Barcode : 9 555567 503002


Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Honey, Acidifier, Permitted Flavouring Substances, Menthol, Permitted Colouring Substances E110, E102, E514.



Energy : 397kcal (1663kJ)
Carbohydrate : 99.3g
Fat : 0g
Saturated Fat : 0g
Unsaturated Fat : 0g
Protein : 0.2g
Sodium : 5.1g
Dietary Fibers : 0g

** Keep in cool and dry place below 20°C, away from scented goods.