Saujania Sdn. Bhd. | Malaysian Premier Candy Manufacturer


The symbol of epitome freshness and individualism.


 Rich, complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct of aroma.


Hard crust and soft filling make the perfect texture for chewing.


Sugar-free content and natural flavouring make healthier choice for fresh breath.




In Year 2009, Saujania Sdn. Bhd. creating the Malaysia confectionery emporium and lifestyle brands, Altitude Mint, Nicos, Winks, and Hatch. By merging the world of art, fashion and pop culture with candy, Saujania has innovated the way we taste candy today. With a mission to awaken the creative spirit and inner childhood in everyone, Saujania products surround its customers with the most imaginative, state of the art decor and product mix.

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Quality Assurance

Stringent controls are applied to all products, which accredited by international and local authorities and auditors.

Saujania products are good and safe to consume.

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